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Seal and Overhaul Services

Draught Seal and Overhaul Services

Parmenter Builders operate throughout the Warlingham and Surrey areas as timber glazing specialists with a full range of draught seal and overhaul services. Some types of glazing, such as older Victorian sash windows, have no draught seal and in many cases, this leaves a series of gaps equivalent to a hole of 6 inches square. As the heat rushes out of your home, the dust, noise, dirt and draughts rush in. This results in higher utility costs and, ultimately makes your home less comfortable to live in.

By choosing Parmenter Builders as your draught seal and overhaul specialists, you can enjoy a complete range of end user benefits including:

When we draught seal a window, we can undertake any glazing and timber repair work at the same time. Our repair work includes the supply and installation of new ironmongery, locks and security features.